Elevated Work Platform – EWP Course

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Elevated Work Platform Course Summary

The EWP course takes two (2) days and is intended for individuals who wish to obtain a licence to operate a boom-type Elevated Work Platform, with a boom length of 11 meters or more. The Elevated Work Platform Course is conducted on-site at our Newcastle premises (MAP). Full EWP course costs $600 + $72.50 for the licence application fee at Australia Post.

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is a legal requirement for any person who wishes to operate a boom-type Elevated Work Platform (EWP) with a reach of 11 meters or more. Upon completion, participants will be able to obtain a National High Risk Work Licence – WorkCover boom-type Elevated Work Platform (Class WP).

About the Course

The Elevated Work Platform course is designed to give participants the skills and ability to safely operate an Elevated Work Platform (over 11m). This Elevated Work Platform (EWP) course is for beginner and advanced operators alike.

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Participants will learn the latest regulations, as well as gain valuable experience and confidence in the operation of an Elevated Work Platform. Specifically the EWP course covers a number of key elements and performance criteria, which give students the skills and experience to:

Participants must be over 18 years of age, be able to speak and understand English; understand technical concepts and provide adequate 100 points of identification as per WorkCover NSW requirements.

The National Standard requires all high risk work licence training and assessment to be conducted under the supervision of an RTO, with the licence assessment component conducted by a WorkCover NSW accredited assessor.

A successful Formative Assessment must take place before the WorkCover Summative Assessment can be done.


Successful participants will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment:

Participants will then be able to obtain a National Licence to Perform High Risk Work – Class WP.

Course Duration

2 (Two) days comprising one and a half days of theory and practical training, and half a day for assessment.

Participants MUST successfully complete a Formative Assessment, conducted by the RTO trainer, before the assessment can be scheduled.

Participants may be required to attend additional training sessions in order to achieve the required competency.

Course Cost

Full Course $600 ~ Including Assessment.

License Application fee at Australia post of $72.50. ~ Passport photo required.

Payment Terms