EWPA - Scissor Lift Yellow Card

Scissor Lift Yellow Card Course Summary

This is a one day training course for students who wish to aquire the skills to operate a scissor lift, or elevating work platform.

After successfully completing the course, the EWPA will process your record of training and you will receive an EWP Operator Licence for a Scissor Lift (SL) with your photograph on it. See below for an example card.

Our fee is $330 per person. Ask us about discounts for group bookings, and costs for on-site courses.

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Next Course Dates

8:00am Start - Thursday 26th September 2019

8:00am Start - Thursday 10th October 2019

8:00am Start - Thursday 24th October 2019

8:00am Start - Thursday 7th November 2019

8:00am Start - Thursday 21st November 2019

Need it sooner or different date? Give us a call, we will try and help.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is required to operate a scissor lift of any height. It provides suitable proof of training to allow for the operation of a scissor lift EWP.

The Yellow Card provides evidence that operators of specific types of elevated work platforms (in this case a Scissor Lift [SL]) have been trained in the safe use of that work platform.

About The Course

Our regularly scheduled courses are conducted at our Mayfield (MAP) premises starting at 9am. Typically we try to run a course every second week immediately after our EWP > 11m Licence course.

Participants will receive appropriate training in the safe operation of a scissor lift elevated work platform.

There are no pre-requisites to this course, however, participants should be 18 years or older. Operating restrictions apply for those under 18. For additional information, please see the Guidelines for EWPA Restricted Yellow Card for participants under 18 years.

The EWPA Operator Licence (Yellow Card) is an industry initiative helping to provide a safer working environment for all stake holders. It is a national program with a national database.

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Training Outline

Participants will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in:

Class Size

Maximum class size is limited to 10 people.


Upon successful completion of the scissor lift course the EWPA will process the record of training and post to the home address of each participant an EWP Operator Licence with the participants photo on the card.

An interim record of training from the EWPA will be emailed to participants on the day of the training, and this can be used when operating scissor lifts until the yellow card is received.

It is important for participants to contact the EWPA if their photo Yellow Card does not arrive via post within 60 days of the training. After 60 days the EWPA charges a $30 fee for re-issuing the card.

On Site Courses

We are more than happy to arrange to do on-site courses. Call or email for details on price structure, and available dates.

Course Duration

The scissor lift yellow card training takes approximately 6 hours depending on class size and individuals prior knowledge and experience.

Course Cost

$330 per person.

Payment Terms