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Load Restraint Skillset - Secure Cargo

Secure Cargo Training Summary

The Secure Cargo course is aimed at drivers in the transport industry who are required as part of their day to day duties to secure loads to the vehicles they drive.

The course gives participants the skills and knowledge required of a heavy vehicle operator when undertaking the task of loading and unloading goods/cargo and securing goods/cargo for transport.

Secure Cargo Course Costs $345 per person.

Load Restraint - Secure Cargo - Newcastle

Next Course Dates

08:00 am Start - Wednesday 26th June 2024

08:00 am Start - Thursday 25th July 2024

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is aimed at drivers of heavy vehicles, who are required to load and unload goods/cargo as well as secure goods/cargo for transport. It provides these operators with the basic safety principles that should be followed to ensure the safe carriage of loads.

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About the Course

The Secure Cargo course covers both practical and theoretical elements of load security, and is designed to give participants the knowledge and skills required to safely secure their cargo in accordance with the National Load Restraint Guide.

The course covers the following elements:

Course Requirements

There are no specific requirements for this course.

Course Location

Main Newcastle Premises: 123 Training Solutions - 18 Gavey Street, Mayfield NSW 2304

On Site Courses

We are more than happy to arrange to do on-site courses. Call or email for details on price structure, and available dates.


123 Training Solutions conduct the Secure Cargo course in partnership with and on behalf of Raise Training (RTO Number: 91655).

Participants who successfully complete the course will receive two (2) Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainments:

Course Duration

The Secure Cargo course takes approximately 3-6 hours depending on class size and individual's prior knowledge and experience.

Course Cost

$345 per person

Payment Terms