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Forklift Licence

Forklift Licence Course Summary

Upon successful completion of the forklift licence course, students will be able to apply for a SafeWork NSW high-risk work licence to operate a forklift (Class LF).

The Forklift Licence course is conducted over three (3) days for a regular course, or two (2) days for our advanced experienced operators course. Forklift Training is conducted at our Newcastle premises (MAP) - or if required our trainers can travel to site for on-site training.

Forklift Licence course costs $450. There is also a separate licence application fee of $86, which is payable at Australia Post after successful completion of the course.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is a legal requirement for any person who needs to operate a forklift of class LF. I.e. Anyone who operates a powered industrial truck equipped with a mast and an elevating load carriage to which is attached a pair of fork arms or other attachment.

Next Course Dates

NB: Any of the two day forklift courses (including weekend courses) are geared towards more experienced operators, as they're a little more advanced kind of course - one less night to study, instead of 2, and slightly less time on the machine.

How do I make a Booking?... It's easy! Check out our Booking Guide for more details.

About the Course

The TLILIC0003 - Licence to operate a forklift truck course is intended for people who want to gain the skills and knowledge required to operate a forklift without supervision.

This is a complete Forklift Training and Licensing Course for beginner and advanced operators alike. They will learn the latest regulation, skills, training and understanding. This is a competency based training course where trainers will keep working with participants for additional periods of time to help all participants achieve the required competency.

Participants must be over 18 years of age, be able to speak and understand English; understand technical concepts and provide adequate 100 points of identification as per SafeWork NSW requirements.

The National Standard requires all high risk work licence training and assessment to be conducted under the supervision of an RTO, with the licence assessment component conducted by a SafeWork NSW accredited assessor.

A successful Formative Assessment must take place before the SafeWork NSW Summative Assessment can be done.

Helpful Study Material

Theory Learning Material

For students wishing to read through the material before attending please see this document https://goo.gl/P9DU1t.

Forklift Study Flip Cards

We've put together some digital study flash cards to help students study for their forklift licence course.

Check out the article on our blog: Forklift Study Flash Cards.

Practice Calculation

For those students who would like to practice the math component of this course, we have built a small web-app that can be used for students to practice. These questions are similar in nature to kinds of questions you could expect to see during an assessment. So practicing these in advance, particularly if you're a little rusty with your maths, can really help with study.

For practice calculation see our practice forklift calculations page.

Course Location

Main Newcastle Premises: 123 Training Solutions - 18 Gavey Street, Mayfield NSW 2304

On Site Courses

We are more than happy to arrange to do on-site courses. Cost for an on-site course is $2250. This is for a group of upto 5 participants - additional participants are $450 per person. For locations outside 50km radius from our home base (Mayfield), travel and accommodation may be extra. Call or email for more details on price, structure, and available dates for an on-site forklift licence course.

On Site Assessment Requirements

Should you wish to proceed with a course at your site, following is a list of requirements:


Successful participants will receive a Statement of Attainment (TLILIC0003 - Licence to operate a forklift truck) and are granted with a temporary licence. Participants will then have 60 days to apply for a full licence at Australia Post.

Course Duration

3 Day Forklift Courses

Three day courses are comprised of two days of theory and practical training, with the SafeWork NSW assessment scheduled for the third day.

2 Day Advanced Forklift Courses

Two day courses are comprised of one and a half days of theory and practical training, with the SafeWork NSW assessment scheduled for a midday start on the second day.

Note that the two day advanced forklift courses are for experienced operators. It is expected that the participant has had previous experience operating a forklift - for example if they have previously held a forklift licence but has let it expire.

Course Assessments

Participants MUST successfully complete a Formative Assessment, conducted by the RTO trainer, before they can be assessed by a SafeWork NSW assessor.

Participants may be required to attend additional training sessions in order to achieve the required competency.

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Weekend Courses

Weekend forklift courses are available for experienced operators. To register for a weekend course, it is expected that the participant has had previous experience operating a forklift.

The weekend forklift course would be suitable for a participant who has previously held a forklift licence but has let it expire. The course is conducted over two days, and comprises one and half days for training, and half a day for assessment

Upcoming Weekend Dates:

13th & 14th July 2024

10th & 11th August 2024

7th & 8th September 2024

Course Cost

Full Course $450 ~ Including Assessment.

License Application fee at Australia post of $86. ~ Passport photo required.

Payment Terms

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Below are the fees associated with Cancellations, Non-Attendance or Rescheduling your training.

Non-Attendance & No-Shows

An additional fee of $225 (equivalent to 50% full course cost) will apply when re-booking any student who doesn't show up for a course. A reminder SMS is sent to each student the day before the course.