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Heavy Combination Truck Licence

Heavy Combination (HC) Automatic Course Summary

This course is for those participants who want to get their Heavy Combination Licence in an automatic vehicle, and is conducted as a one (1) day course.

Upon successful completion the student will be able to obtain their Heavy Combination (HC) licence and be able to drive HC trucks with a transmission type of automatic or synchromesh.

If you currently have an unrestricted licence, you will not lose this endorsement when upgrading in an automatic - i.e. you will still be able to drive HC vehicles fitted with manual gearbox (also known as a Road Ranger, Crashbox, or Constant Mesh).

Our fee for upgrading your licence in our automatic HC vehicle is $1800.

Heavy Combination Unrestricted (HC) Course Summary

This course is for those participants who want to get their unrestricted Heavy Combination Licence. For this option, training is conducted over two consecutive days. Day one consists of the regular Auto HC course. This is then followed by a condition B removal course on day two.

Upon successful completion, the student will be able to obtain an unrestricted Heavy Combination (HC) licence and be able to drive HC trucks with any transmission type (auto, synchromesh, or constant mesh transmission).

Our fee is $2650 for 2 days of training and assessment in our vehicles. If a student requires additional time to complete this class of licence above and beyond the allocated two days, then an additional day is charged at $900. Please contact us for details on our fee structure when using your own vehicle.

What can I drive with a HC Licence?

A Heavy Combination (HC) Licence allows the holder to drive articulated vehicles with three (3) or more axels. This includes a prime mover with a single semi trailer, or heavy rigid vehicle towing a trailer with a GVM greater than nine (9) tonnes. See image below.

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Who is this course for?

Heavy Combination Truck Images

A Heavy Combination (HC) licence is a legal requirement for any person who wishes to drive an articulated vehicle with three or more axles. I.e. Prime mover with single semi trailer, or heavy rigid vehicle towing a trailer with GVM more than nine (9) tonnes.

What's the first step?

The very first step in upgrading your licence is to do the knowledge test at RMS/Services NSW. To get you started we can send an email with some helpful links for that part of the process - fill in the form linked below and we'll do the rest.

Helpful Links For The Knowledge Test

About The Licence

A heavy combination vehicle includes articulated vehicles with three or more axles. This includes prime movers with a single semi trailer as well as heavy rigid vehicle trailer combinations including unladen dolly, with three or more axles. Any towed trailer with a GVM of more than nine (9) tonnes requires a Heavy Combination (HC) licence.

Before training and assessment for a Heavy Combination Vehicle licence can be undertaken an applicant must:

After successful completion of the eyesight and knowledge tests an applicant may apply for a Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) Learners Logbook and may then undertake training and assessment to obtain a HC licence.

Want a leg up in the Transport Industry?.. Get your HC licence with us and we'll throw in a Dangerous Goods Licence for $345 (Total Savings = $130).

About the training

Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment is run by Roads and Maritime Services (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority - RTA) accredited Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) with heavy vehicle licensed driving instructors.

In the course students will benefit from one on one training with our instructors to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to safely drive a Heavy Combination (HC) vehicle.

During the course students will be trained and assessed in various competencies with the final competency assessment (FCA) to be undertaken at the end of the course. It includes systematic and efficient control of all vehicle functions, monitoring of traffic and road conditions, management of vehicle condition and performance and effective management of hazardous situations.

Upon successful completion students will be able to upgrade their licence to an unrestricted HC licence.


How much does it cost to sit the Driver Knowledge Test at the RMS?

RMS/Services NSW update their prices regularly but approximate cost is $47

How much does the Logbook Cost?

RMS/Services NSW update their prices regularly but approximate cost is $29

Heavy Combination Truck Licence Training Resources

Heavy Vehicle Driver Handbook Road Users Driver Handbook

Course Location

Main Newcastle Premises: 123 Training Solutions - 18 Gavey Street, Mayfield NSW 2304

Other Locations

Need to do your training elsewhere? We can also do this training in Northern NSW:


123 Training Solutions conduct Heavy Combination Licence courses in partnership and on behalf of Raise Training (RTO Number: 91655).

For those students who also elect to complete a theory test issued by our RTO in additional to the normal practical training, a Statement of Attainment can be issued. Specifically - TLILIC3017 - Licence to drive a heavy combination vehicle.

If you would also like this option please ask at time of booking, as sometimes additional arrangements need to be made in advance of your training.

Course Cost

Unrestricted HC Licence

$2650 for 2 days Note: This is conducted as an auto HC day 1 - followed by a condition b removal on day 2.

Automatic HC Licence


An additional fee of $300 will be charged if a student fails, and needs to re-do their Final Competency Assessment due to criteria relating to disobeying road rules. Examples include, speeding, running a red light, and ignoring a stop sign.

Competency Based Training/Assessment

This is a competency based training and assessment course, and the time we allocate for participants to complete this course is based on an estimate which we have historically found to cover a high proportion of participants. As everyone learns at different rates, some participants will need more time than what we have estimated to reach the required level of competency. In this scenario, any additional training to complete this class of licence will be charged at $900 per day.

Payment Terms