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Order Picker Forklift Licence Course

Next Course Dates

30th & 31st May - Mon & Tue

Order Picker Forklift Training Summary

The Order Picker Forklift Licence takes two (2) days to complete and is intended for persons who wish to obtain an Order Picker Forklift Licence (Class LO). We conduct Order Picker Forklift training at our Newcastle premises (MAP) - or if required our trainers can travel to site for on-site training.

Order Picker Forklift Licence costs $450. There is also a $75 licence application fee to be paid at Australia Post.

Who Is This Course For?

A high risk work (HRW) licence of Class LO is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to operate an order picker forklift truck (also known as a stock picker). So this course is for anyone who wants to operate an order picker forklift, or is required to operate one for work.

How do I make a Booking?... It's easy! Check out our Booking Guide for more details.


In relation to the coronavirus we have implemented measures to protect both our students and staff in these trying times. We are closely following the advice from the Australia Department of Health, and adopting the strictest personal hygiene measures in our cars, trucks, and places of work.

We have limited non-training staff, by having our administration staff work from home. Course sizes have also been limited to ensure that our training spaces have a minimum of 4 square meters per person.

All our students are being advised that they must reschedule if they::

What is an order picker forklift?

An order picker forklift is also sometimes referred to as a stock picker forklift, and they are defined as follows: "Order picking forklift truck means a forklift truck where the operator controls are incorporated with the lifting media and elevate with the lifting media."

Typically this means that for an order picker you stand on a platform wearing a harness, and to get stock that is stored high on pallet racking you go up with the platform and pick the stock by hand off the pallet racking and onto the platform before returning to the ground. This differs from a regular forklift, in that, a regular forklift you always remain at ground level when the mast and forklift tynes are moved up and down to retrieve pallets of goods from high on the pallet racking.

About the Course

The TLILIC0004 - Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck course is intended for people who want to gain the skills and knowledge required to operate an order picker without supervision.

Participants must be over 18 years of age, be able to speak and understand English; understand technical concepts and provide adequate 100 points of identification as per SafeWork NSW requirements.

The national standard requires all high risk work licence training and assessment to be conducted under the supervision of an RTO, with the licence assessment component conducted by a SafeWork NSW accredited assessor.

A successful formative assessment must take place before the SafeWork NSW summative assessment can be done.

Helpful Study Material

Theory Learning Material

Upon booking into an Order Picker Forklift course we ensure that participants are sent a link to the learning materials so that they can read through before attending. We find that students who have pre-read the material have a much easier time getting through the course.


Successful participants will receive a statement of attainment (TLILIC0004 - Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck) and are granted with a temporary licence. Participants will then have 60 days to apply for a full licence.

Course Duration

Two (2) days comprising a day and a half of theory and practical training, with assessment conducted in the afternoon of the second day.

Participants MUST successfully complete a formative assessment, conducted by the RTO trainer, before the SafeWork NSW summative assessment can be scheduled.

Should a participant not attain the required level of competency during the two days, they may be required to attend additional training sessions before being allowed to sit their SafeWork NSW assessment.

Weekend Courses

Upcoming Weekend Dates:

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Course Cost

Full Course $450 ~ Including Assessment.

License Application fee at Australia post of $75. ~ Passport photo required.

Payment Terms