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Condition 'B' Removal

Condition B Removal Course Summary

The condition b removal course is for participants who got their HR licence in an automatic or synchromesh vehicle, and wish to upgrade their licence to an unrestricted HR licence - i.e. want to be able to drive road ranger

Upon successful completion the student will be able to have the condition 'B' removed from their heavy vehicle licence and be able to drive HR trucks with any transmission type (auto, synchromesh, or constant mesh transmission). Training and assessment takes place in our vehicle which uses a nine (9) speed Road Ranger constant mesh transmission.

Our fee is $1150 for 8 hours of training and assessment in our vehicle. This includes 6 hours training with 2 hours allocated for the assessment, conducted in a single day. If a student requires additional time to complete this class of licence above and beyond the allocated day, then an additional day is charged at $880. Please contact us for details on our fee structure when using your own vehicle.

Condition B Removal Training - Newcastle

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for any heavy vehicle licensed driver who needs to have the condition 'B' removed from their licence. This will allow them to legally drive heavy vehicles with a constant-mesh transmission (i.e. road ranger or crashbox).

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About the Licence

A condition 'B' is placed on any heavy vehicle licence that is obtained in a vehicle with automatic or synchromesh transmission. It prevents the driving heavy vehicles with constant-mesh transmission (road ranger or crashbox). Having the 'B' condition removed allows the driver to drive heavy vehicles with any transmission type.

About the Training

Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment is run by Roads and Maritime Services (formerly Roads and Traffic Authority RTA) accredited Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) with heavy vehicle licensed driving instructors.

In the course students will benefit from one on one training with our instructors to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to safely drive a heavy vehicle fitted with a road ranger (constant-mesh) gearbox.

During the course students will be trained and assessed in the correct use of a road ranger gearbox with the final competency assessment (FCA) to be undertaken at the end of the course. Upon successful completion students will be able to have condition B removed from their current licence, which will allow them to drive heavy vehicles fitted with any transmission type.

Course Requirements

You are required to hold at a minimum your heavy rigid licence or higher.

Course Location

Main Newcastle Premises: 123 Training Solutions - 18 Gavey Street, Mayfield NSW 2304

Course Duration

We allocate 8 hours training and assessment for the condition b removal. However, it can take longer depending on student competency.

Course Cost

$1150 for the day when training/assessing is conducted in our vehicle.

Competency Based Training/Assessment

This is a competency based training and assessment course, and the time we allocate for participants to complete this course is based on an estimate which we have historically found to cover a high proportion of participants. As everyone learns at different rates, some participants will need more time than what we have estimated to reach the required level of competency. In this scenario, any additional training to complete this class of licence will be charged at $880 per day.

Payment Terms