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Safe Lod Program (Formerly AIP)

Safe Load Program - Course Summary

The Safe Load Program (Formerly AIP) course is a prerequisite for anyone needing to enter a petroleum facility to load bulk petroleum product. The course has been prepared to provide generic introductory training for drivers entering oil industry terminals and depots. The Safe Load Program course is intended to ensure the safety of personnel and the protection of facilities at oil industry inland storage and distribution facilities throughout Australia.

SLP training courses are conducted regularly in Newcastle, Sydney, and Brisbane. Typically, our schedule is twice a month in each location. Usually, with one SLP course run on a a weekend date and another scheduled during the week.

The Safe Load Program course costs $295 +$150 for SLP.

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Next Course Dates

2pm - 16th April - Newcastle Only

2pm - 21st April - All Venues

2pm - 3rd May - All Venues

2pm - 12th May - All Venues

2pm - 19th May - Newcastle Only

2pm - 24th May - Brisbane & Sydney Only

2pm - 31st May - Newcastle Only

Call to arrange other training times!

Who is this course for?

The Safe Load Program course is primarily intended for petroleum transport industry drivers and contractors who are required to gain access to petroleum loading facilities and load bulk petroleum products.

About the SLP Course

Our scheduled SLP courses are conducted in Newcastle, Brisbane, and Sydney. Typically we try to run a course twice a month at each location.

For Brisbane SLP courses, we conduct these at Norths Devils Leagues Club in Nundah (see this Map). In Newcastle, the SLP courses are held at our premises in Mayfield (Map), and in Sydney, the courses are held at The M Centre in Minchinbury (Map).

Participants will receive appropriate training to enter a petroleum facility to load bulk petroleum product.

The generic material in this program is common to all companies and facilities in the industry and covers:

6 Steps to get an SLP ID Card

6 Steps to get an SLP ID Card

1) Complete an online application: This is done through the SLP website, and involves providing your contact details and payment for your new ID card. You will receive an email message containing your SLP eWay transaction receipt and notification of your unique ID Number which will also be your Username when logging in to the SLP program in the future.

You can start a new application on the SLP website. For help with the application, the SLP website has provided a number of helpful video's.

Using your ID number/Username and password you can access the SLP load training website where you will find:

2) Book a Safe Load Training course by contacting us at 123 Training Solutions

How do I make a Booking?... It's easy! Check out our Booking Guide for more details.

3) Attend and complete the face to face training course at our premises in Mayfield. Once you have completed your course the trainer will confirm with SLP that you have attended face to face training.

4) Book in for an identification check and training assessment: You can now contact an SLP assessment terminal for an identification check and training assessment. A list of assessment terminals can be found at the www.safeloadprogram.com.au website.

5) ID check and online assessment: This all happens at the terminal during a pre-arranged appointment time slot.

6) Your SLP ID card will be posted to you within 3 working days after passing the online assessment.

Class Size

Maximum class size is limited to 15 people.

Outcome and Qualification

Successful completion of the Safe Load Program will be recognised with a "SLP Driver Passport", recognisable across the industry (but not replacing any existing licences or permits required by law). This passport is valid for a period of three years, after which further testing (and further training, if required) will be necessary to ensure continued understanding of compliance with safe procedures within oil industry terminals and depots.


In relation to the coronavirus we have implemented measures to protect both our students and staff in these trying times. We are closely following the advice from the Australia Department of Health, and adopting the strictest personal hygiene measures in our cars, trucks, and places of work.

We have limited non-training staff, by having our administration staff work from home. Course sizes have also been limited to ensure that our training spaces have a minimum of 4 square meters per person.

All our students are being advised that they must reschedule if they::

On Site Courses

We are more than happy to arrange to do on-site courses. Call or email for details on price structure, and available dates.

Course Duration

The Safe Load Program training takes approximately 4 hours depending on class size and participants prior knowledge and experience.

Course Cost

$295 per person + $150 for SLP

Payment Terms