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Complete a Work Diary

Complete a Work Diary Training Summary

The complete a work diary in the road transport industry course is aimed at drivers in the transport industry who drive a fatigue-regulated vehicle and need to carry and complete a National Driver Work Diary.

The course gives participants the skills and knowledge to accurately complete their work diary, as well as comply with the legislative and regulatory requirements of a work diary.

Complete a Work Diary Costs $275 per person.

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Next Course Dates

Sydney & Newcastle Work Diary Courses

Sydney - Monday 31st May 2021 - Starting at Midday

Who Is This Course For?

This course is aimed at drivers of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles, who are required to carry and complete a National Driver Work Diary.

A fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle is:

A work diary must be carried and completed when operating a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle under all of the following circumstances:

National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL) requires that drivers must not drive fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles while fatigued, and completing their work diary is evidence that drivers are complying with the standard hour limits for work and rest, keeping appropriate records, as well as managing their fatigue.

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In relation to the coronavirus we have implemented measures to protect both our students and staff in these trying times. We are closely following the advice from the Australia Department of Health, and adopting the strictest personal hygiene measures in our cars, trucks, and places of work.

We have limited non-training staff, by having our administration staff work from home. Course sizes have also been limited to ensure that our training spaces have a minimum of 4 square meters per person.

All our students are being advised that they must reschedule if they::

About the Course

The work diary is an integral part of a vehicle operator's day to day work when they are on the road. Students will be taught to know and understand the work diary regulations in their territory and state as the regulations relate to their specific job function.

They will also learn the purpose of their work diary as it relates to their job role. This course will also identify the penalties related to the job function of the student.

On successful completion of this course participants will be enabled to:

Work diaries used correctly, can help ensure that drivers and parties in the chain of responsibility meet their safety and fatigue management obligations

Course Requirements

There are no specific requirements for this course. However, it is most relevant to drivers of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles.

Course Location

Main Newcastle Premises: 123 Training Solutions - 18 Gavey Street, Mayfield NSW 2304

On Site Courses

We are more than happy to arrange to do on-site courses. Call or email for details on price structure, and available dates.


Training and assessment delivered on behalf of RAISE Training (RTO Number: 91655)

Participants will receive a Statement of Attainment. TLIE3028 - Complete a work diary in the road transport industry.

Course Duration

The Complete a Work Diary course takes approximately 3-6 hours depending on class size and individual's prior knowledge and experience.

Course Cost

$275 per person

Payment Terms