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Forklift Licence Study Flip Cards

Looking for ways to prepare for your forklift licence course? or ways to help you study to get your forklift ticket?

Below are some some flip cards as a bit of a study aid for students doing forklift licence courses.

To flip a card and see the answer, hover your mouse over it. If you're on a mobile you may need to press the card for it to flip over and show the answer. We've tried to make sure the cards include content that is the most important for your forklift course. These flip cards below are in no particular order.

What is the hierarchy of control?







How would you describe a forklifts "Rated Capacity"?

How much the forklift can lift

How high the forklift can lift

The load Centre Distance of the forklift

What is Load Centre Distance?

Front face of the forks to the loads centre of gravity

What are some common workplace hazards?

Plant and other equipment


Electrical power lines

Overhead services (water, air, etc..)

Wind or bad weather conditions

Pedestrians or personnel

Surrounding structures

What are three (3) Hazard control measures?

Warning signs


Flag person

What are some things other than hazards you should consider?

Weight of the load

Size of the load

Capacity of the forklift

Location of task

Any equipment required

Is that equipment available

Communication method

Approach distance to power lines

Poer Line Approach Question

Minimum Distance

Poer Line Approach Question

If during your pre-start or during operation you find a fault with the forklift, what should you do?

Take the Key

Tag the machine

Tell the boss

Name five (5) things that could tip a forklift over forwards (longitudinally)?


Sever breaking

Traveling wrong way on a hill or ramp

Exceeding load centre distance

Incorrect use of mast tilt

What piece of equipment can you use to lift personnel with a forklift?

Approved work cage

What are three (3) ways you can determine the weight of a load?

Weigh the load

Check the loads paperwork

Calculate the weight of the load

What must be considered when stacking or re-stacking a load?

Loads to be stack on a firm level site

Heavy good placed at the bottom

Stack should not be to high

Where is the fulcrum (balance) point of a forklift?

Where the front wheel touches the ground

When traveling on a hill or ramp, what way should the load face?


Name five (5) things that could tip a forklift over sideways (laterally)?

Turning to fast

Uneven surfaces

Turning with a load raised

Braking to hard while turning

Flat or under inflated tyre

What should you do if your forklift comes in contact with powerlines?

Warn others to stay away from area

Stay on the forklift until informed its safe to get off

If possible try to break contact by moving the forklift away

Contact authorities

Get the forklift serviced

In the event of an emergency, what Information would you tell emergency services?

What the problem is

Where the problem is

Any other hazards

What places would you avoid when parking a forklift?

Near doorways

Near first aid stations

On marked walkways

Near any fire fighting equipment

Blind corners

Emergency exits

Who would you ask on a worksite about specific worksite hazards?

Safety Officer

The Boss (Supervisor)

Other workers (Colleagues)

Publish Date: 14th May 2020